Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about how to watch the Naked News Daily Male program, you’ll probably find the answers you want here.
Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions our new viewers ask.

General Questions

Is NNDM still taping new programs?

Can I download Daily Male segments?

Why does my computer crash when I try to view the Naked News?

What is streaming?

What is Video Compression?

Every time I go to play the video, I get a GPF error.

What is a Cookie?

What is a Plug-In?

I have WebTV, why can't I see the broadcast?

How do I watch the news?

What speed should I choose?

What are the system requirements for Windows users?

Where can I download the Free Players?

Macintosh Questions

What are the system requirements for Macintosh users?

Windows Media Questions

What is Windows Media Player?

Windows Media player buffers in the middle of a video and/or the video seems really choppy.

I downloaded the Windows Media player, but every time I try to play a video it says, "the specified stream type is not recognized".

In Windows Media player, every time I try to play a video it says: "the specified stream type is not recognized", the colors appear strange, or I see the video fine but I don't hear anything.

My Internet security settings do not allow the new decompressor to be installed.

In Windows Media Player, every time I play a full show, the segments are played in a random order.

Every time I try to open a video, it says that the file path is incorrect.

Other Help and Video Installation

Other Help Resources

Video Player Installation and Configuration

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