Raoul Santos - Newscaster

Raoul Santos, age 36, joined the Naked News in November of 2001. His charisma, looks, and hot ass, combined with a sharp sense of business and finance, made him an ideal choice to join the team.

Raoul was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, and came to Toronto, Canada, with his family as a young child. He remains fluent in Spanish, and has been studying German with some success.

After completing his education, Raoul spent many years in the finance industry. He worked as a teller, a lender, and most recently, as an investment advisor and trainer for a major national bank. These experiences were valuable and often lucrative, but under the pinstripes, the real Raoul wanted to get out.

A friend introduced him to NakedNews.com, and he became an instant fan. Raoul's parents met in the theatre, and a part of him had always dreamt of the limelight. So, when Naked News introduced an "Auditions" button on the website, he immediately submitted a videotape. The show's producers loved the audition, and invited him in for an interview. In no time, Raoul left his investment clients behind, and accepted a job as a Naked News anchor.

Off-camera, Raoul is a man of many interests and passions. He loves the Latin dances, particularly the Salsa and the Lambada, and hopes to one day learn the steps for himself. Those who have seen his "blooper dances" look forward to his occasional demonstrations. He is also an accomplished photographer and videographer, with an emphasis on fashion and artistic nudes. Not surprisingly, he is self-assured about his own nudity, and as both an individual and an artist, he sees the human body as always fascinating and always beautiful.

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