Pedro Cavallo - Newscaster

Pedro Cavallo, 32, joined the Naked News Daily Male in October, 2006, after a popular series of visits as a Guest Anchor. With his warm intensity and quick sense of humor, Pedro fit right in with anchors and fans alike.

Born in the Azores, Pedro spent much of his youth on a farm, learning from his grandfather who was a cowboy. To this day, Pedro isn't sure whether he was a city boy in the country, or is now a country boy in the city. Either way, his experience with animals made him well-suited to dealing with the rest of the Daily Male anchor team.

Pedro moved to Toronto and began an eclectic educational path, studying Shiatsu and yoga, and also journalism, mammal psychology, and English as a second language. And paying for it by working as a butcher's assistant, cater-waiter, bartender, and hospital clerk.

Ultimately, Pedro's focus began to center on the human body, and he moved into areas more in line with that. A successful fitness trainer and bodywork and massage therapist, he hones his skills on family and friends. His weekly sessions are very popular, though his fellow anchors often find it difficult to concentrate on their segments afterward.

Pedro was persuaded to audition by a friend who thought that his outgoing nature, charisma, and awesome hair would be perfect for the program. Open and free with his body, Pedro says "I feel the human body is a mysterious and beautiful crescendo to the work of the universe. Understanding that is the key to being totally comfortable with yourself."

When not in the studio, Pedro is studying vocal and instrumental music, teaching Karate, catching up on films, and trying to teach his little lovebird "Bonito" to speak.

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