Matt Waterman - Newscaster

Matt Waterman, 37, joined the Naked News Daily Male anchor team in October of 2005, after a series of popular stints as a guest anchor. With a wicked sense of humor and high-octane style, he connected instantly with viewers and co-workers alike.

A born-and-bred New Yorker, Matt grew up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. Overcoming his fear of doing without Manhattan sidewalk-vendor hot dogs and fresh New York bagels, he took a big leap and ended up in the Midwest, ultimately landing in Chicago, a city without a single Nathan's Famous eatery. A Gemini, Matt couldn't decide which side of his personality to indulge, so he didn't, ultimately studying both theater and journalism. Degree in hand, his first post-University job was at a law firm, but the suit-and-tie environment didn't stifle his passions. He directed and performed in a number of theater productions, and eventually made his way back to the East Coast, settling in the Boston area. There, he made use of his education, working steadily in television, radio, and print journalism.

After moving to Toronto in 2004 to go to graduate school, Matt saw an ad in a local alternative newspaper seeking new Naked News Daily Male anchors. Although he was already a viewer, he had never thought of auditioning - until then. The rest is history, and his graduate studies will have to wait.

Having always been a bit of an exhibitionist, working naked doesn't faze Matt at all. In fact, he finds it liberating. "I wish more people felt comfortable in their own skins," says Matt. "I've always felt that self-confidence is sexier than a great body."

Outside of work, Matt is a voracious reader of non-fiction, particularly politics and current affairs. He enjoys cooking, although he wishes he had more time to play with his food, and he's addicted to both his iPod and TiVo, on which he's collected most of his Daily Male television show appearances.

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