Joshua Holt - Newscaster 2001-2004

Joshua Holt, age 36, joined the Naked News team in November 2001. His innate charm and bright smile, along with an inquisitive mind and thirst for knowledge, made him an ideal choice for the job. He reports on everything from sports to lifestyle news and events. Joshua is from Ontario, Canada.

Joshua holds both a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Diploma in Horticulture. For the past ten years, he has been a professional landscaper, but was quietly looking for a new challenge ... something that would push his personal envelope. By coincidence, his friend Erin Sherwood had just joined Naked News as a webcaster. She mentioned to him that positions were open to men as well, and he thought "why not?" He auditioned, took a brief vacation, and returned to find a voice mail message offering him a job with Naked News.

Joshua sees the human body as beautiful, like a Rodin sculpture, and is fascinated by its grace and dexterity. He has his own unique diet and exercise program to keep healthy and fit. Interest in knowledge as a means to help himself and others, has found him studying philosophy and the works of Deepak Chopra. He is learning to master reiki and shiatsu, and is deeply fascinated by the entire health care field. His hobbies include world travel, glass blowing and walking, preferably in the woods. Joshua is a man who appreciates the Earth's seasons, and the great mystery that is Life.

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