Jeremy Chase - Newscaster

Jeremy Chase, age 29, joined Naked News Daily Male in April 2004. His keen insight into the media, his dry humor and his comfort with nudity made him an instant fit with the program.

Born and raised in southwestern Ontario, Canada, Jeremy followed his interest in popular media and journalism, graduating from university with a degree in Communications. Recognizing that education is only one part of a well-rounded life, he left the country and spent time traveling in Europe. He credits the combination of study and life experience for his ability to be at ease in almost any situation, with almost anyone.

Jeremy's ability to mix and mingle at will made his job as a public relations consultant a natural choice. Schmoozing for a living wasn't always satisfying, though, and he put his skills to use in a variety of other positions, from actor to travel agent. While the jobs might have changed, his attitude remained the same. He says "as long as I'm challenged, and I get to meet and work with diverse and dynamic people, well, then I'm happy!"

During his time with Naked News Daily Male, Jeremy has been proud to deliver essential news and information to the gay community. He is also thrilled by the opportunity to meet and interview so many of the important activists and fascinating celebrities that impact the community, such as Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Tewksbury, comedian Margaret Cho and even adult film star Matthew Rush!

Outside of work, Jeremy is a devoted runner and enthusiastic soccer player. When not jogging or dribbling, he volunteers with local charitable organizations. He also describes himself as being pretty handy in the kitchen, but his fellow anchors are still waiting for proof, preferably in the form of pastry!

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