Dale Danforth - Newscaster

Dale Danforth, 49, joined the Naked News Daily Male in April, 2006, fresh from wowing viewers as a guest anchor. Possessed of a naughty smile, a strapping physique, and a breathtaking quantity of leather, he was immediately embraced by the program's fans.

Of Swedish/Scottish/Irish heritage, Dale was raised in Montreal, Canada.After graduating from University, he decided to set out on a less degree-bound career path. His first job was in a factory that manufactured industrial ovens. Soon, the constant heat began to grow on him, possibly setting the stage for his fondness for wearing leather.

Dale moved to Ottawa, where he continued and expanded his involvement in the leather community, winning and placing in numerous “Mr. Leather” competitions. As a prominent title-holder, he also acted as a community counselor for LGBT groups, educating university clubs on everything from the competition process to S&M safe and sane play. All the while, his co-workers at a major telecommunications corporation simply knew him as a mild-mannered project coordinator.

A Naked News Daily Male viewer from the get-go, when Dale moved to Toronto, he soon arranged to audition for himself. Though he hadn't thought the audition was great, viewers disagreed and soon the producers brought him back for a longer visit. Eventually, it was clear Dale belonged on the program fulltime, and not just because the other anchors wanted to raid his closet.

Even when it's not part of the job description, Dale is a big fan of being naked. “It must be the Swede in me,” he says, “I've always loved the sheer abandon of being naked. Everyone should appreciate their nakedness and their body, whatever shape it takes”.

Outside of work, Dale loves traveling to Europe, listening to music, bicycling, and spending time with both his adorable Parson Jack Russell Terrier, and his equally adorable partner.

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