Cole McQuade - Newscaster

Cole McQuade joined the Naked News Daily Male in March, 2004, during the early stages of the show's new direction. His droll wit and great height made him an excellent choice to be one of the first new additions to the cast of anchors.

Cole was born in Calgary, Alberta, but ended up in Toronto when his parents moved east when he was young. When he finished school, he took his gift for writing to the advertising business, working as a copywriter at agencies in North America and Europe.

To balance the intellectual work of copywriting, Cole is enthusiastic about athletics, and spends much of his spare time cycling and playing basketball. He is also an avid competitor in Ultimate Frisbee, with a vertical leap that would make Air Bud cry. To round it all out, Cole enjoys testing his mental reflexes by participating in improvisational comedy.

Cole originally contacted Naked News as part of a freelance writing project, but soon fell under the spell of the program. When he saw the Auditions ad in a local paper, he left the story behind, and stepped in front of the camera to give it his best shot. Audience reaction was swift and positive, and Cole was invited back for a full week tryout. It soon became evident that he was a great fit for the show, and would dramatically improve the Daily Male basketball team, as well.

Cole's background of writing and performing has made him a well-rounded guy who can bring many skills to the program. Nudity doesn't faze him at all, and in fact he's been known to go sans clothing even when it's not required, despite the protests of other staff. Cole is looking forward to expanding his role with the Daily Male as it continues to evolve.

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