Brock Stern - Newscaster 2003-2004

Brock Stern, 32, joined the Naked News in January, 2003, and reports on a variety of topics. His natural flair and outgoing personality made him a perfect choice to join the team. He was born in Saint John, New Brunswick, and made his way to New York City before arriving in Toronto.

Mr. Stern is an amazingly versatile individual. He's been athletic since an early age, first as a track & field star, and then playing basketball, football and volleyball. Not a stereotypical jock, he spent time studying law before switching to his true passion - the arts. After studying at a school for the performing arts, Brock found success in New York, winning a prominent singing competition, acting in the off-Broadway musical "Black Man's Bluez", and performing at Madison Square Garden's anniversary special. Between his acting and modeling jobs, Brock decided to audition for the Naked News in October 2002, and was soon a guest anchor. When he was offered a chance to return, he jumped at the opportunity.

Brock sees the human body as one of the arts - a thing of beauty, that can be sculpted and used to portray the full range of human emotions. He loves the idea of nakedness, and its sense of openness and complete self-respect. To keep himself fit, he continues to play sports, and works out regularly. He also enjoys writing music and poetry, and believes in a positive, up-front approach to life, encouraging spontaneity and tackling the unknown.

With his remarkable background and supercharged enthusiasm, we're thrilled to have Brock join the Naked News team!

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