Brendan Tanner - Newscaster 2002-2004

Brendan Tanner, age 29, joined the Naked News team in October 2002. His good looks and crisp personality were compelling reasons to invite him to be a part of the Naked News. Brendan's passion for the arts and his vivacious energy have allowed him the freedom to explore many opportunities.

Born in a small theater town in southwestern Ontario, Brendan developed a love for ideas and issues. Working as an usher who had to watch the same plays repeatedly, he discovered an innate ability to find different twists to every story. Brendan went on to study theater and marketing, which led him to a brief and rewarding stint with an Amsterdam news magazine. Always on the lookout for a new adventure, Brendan came back to North America to pursue his passion for acting. In his spare time he enjoys his couch, red wine, and a quart of "friends" we'll call Ben and Jerry.

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