Billy Prescott - Newscaster

Billy Prescott, 28, joined the Naked News Daily Male in January, 2006, after appearing as a recurring guest anchor and winning over both our viewers and other anchors. His boyish charm and knowing smile were big hits from his very first visit.

Although born in the vibrant city of Ottawa, Ontario, Billy spent his youth in a town with a population of just over two thousand people, and not so much as a movie theatre for entertainment. This forced him to explore alternate ways of keeping himself occupied, some of which are even suitable for discussion in polite company.

Billy moved to a considerably larger city to further his education, and ultimately received his diploma in Advertising and Public Relations. He soon returned to his hometown and took on jobs from bartending, to event planning, to yoga instruction. He also began modelling and acting, which he continues to pursue as part of his relentless desire to be involved in the arts.

His love of fashion, film, and theatre are part of his love of taking a turn in the spotlight. And if that turn in the spotlight becomes an actual job, Billy is a happy guy. So, Billy was very happy indeed when female Naked News anchor Yukiko Kimura, an old childhood friend, suggested he audition for the Daily Male.

After his first audition and taping a few segments for the program, Billy realized it was a great opportunity. When offered a fulltime role as an anchor, he jumped at the chance. “Oddly, I'm not always comfortable in my own skin. I have the same insecurities everyone else has, but I'm trying to push them aside. By putting myself out there as-is, I hope people will see that not only perfect airbrushed TV-show bodies are desirable.”

In his off-hours, Billy can be found running, and keeping an eye out for the right person who will nourish his soul. Literally, since Billy can't cook and considers a nice meal to be the fastest route to his heart.

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